Cabinet Refacing in Seattle

When remodeling, it’s always great to find ways to cut corners without sacrificing quality. Cabinet refacing does just this, and at Cascade Countertops LLC we’re experts in the industry. Whether you’re getting the itch to change things around in your home or business or have a genuine need to fix up old cabinetry, refacing is a great option that will save on time and money will delivering great results that will contribute to the value of your property.

Other home and business owners in Seattle agree that hiring a cabinet refacing service greatly helped with their entire remodeling project.

The Ways You Can Benefit

Reface don’t replace! Words to live by in the reno world, and we share them with all our clients in Seattle. There’s no need to spend time and money on replacing what is working perfectly well in the first place, so avoid it when you’re able. Cabinet refacing has a lot of appealing benefits making it a great choice to pursue. Here are four of them:

1. Eco-Friendly

By not tearing out your old cabinetry and just updating its appearance, you’re helping the planet. You will be preventing the creation of excess waste, and that’s important.

2. Variety

Anything you can do by installing new cabinetry, you can do by refacing your old cabinetry. New color? Check. New material? Check.

3. Quick and Simple

Don’t set yourself up for the task of losing the use of your kitchen while we tear out old cabinetry and wait on the materials to install the new. Refacing can be completed in just two to four days!

4. Affordable

Probably the most appealing option of all, cut your remodeling costs by more than half when you choose cabinet refacing.

On top of this, you’ll be adding value to your home or business. A new or even partially new looking kitchen in Seattle will get you a higher resale value should you decide to move.

Allowing for demolition and installation time, new cabinetry will take a team of three to four workers up to 36 hours to complete. This time can increase if appliances or counters need to be disconnected/moved and if materials are not immediately available. Custom cabinets can cost you between $500 and $1,200 per linear foot.

For a process that takes only two to four days and will cost you half as much, hire a cabinet refacing service like Cascade Countertops LLC to take care of all your cabinetry upgrades today.

Time-Tested Quality

For a company and installations that have been tested by time, rely on Cascade Countertops LLC. We’ve accomplished hundreds of remodeling bids and are passionate about the work we do.

Cabinet refacing will keep your wallet and your schedule happy, and when entering into any work relationship our team always treats the property we’re in as if it was our own.

Cascade Countertops LLC is based on a philosophy of leaving your property looking as if it was untouched, aside from the improvements added. You won’t have to deal with any post-reno visits to clean up after ourselves, because it will already be done!

Come and sit down with us in our offices, and let’s discuss your cabinetry today.