Tacoma Bathroom Remodeling

Is your bathroom retro, but not in the attractive way? Does it need an upgrade, or are you just sick of looking at it? Outdated bathrooms aren’t just unpleasant to use, they can have a whole lot of problems you may not even know about that will affect your energy bill and the sustainability of your home or business.

Whether you own an older home or business in Tacoma or simply one that had an improperly installed bathroom, at Cascade Countertops LLC we can fix any issues you might be facing. From badly applied wallpaper, to mold caused by a lack of fan, to a full tear-down and remodel, we can and have done it all!

Professionals You Can Count On

No matter how great you are at do-it-yourself, the bathroom is not the reno in which to practice your skills unless you’re ready to live, for years, with the consequences. Of course, if you want to switch up the paint or change a light fixture, we’re not stopping you—but for an actual bathroom remodel, an incorrectly done job will lead to far more headaches than it’s worth.

Tacoma hobbyists that have attempted to remodel their bathroom, often find themselves calling us to fix the problems that arise over the following months or year.

By hiring a skilled contractor and bathroom renovators you’ll actually save money! At Cascade Countertops LLC we’ve spent years developing relationships with material suppliers, our team members and reliable subcontractors. We’ll get the job done right on the first try, in a timely manner, and save you on labor and materials costs because of our connections in the industry.

There are a few remodeling projects one should not attempt themselves, and the bathroom remodel is one of them.

Competitive Pricing

At Cascade Countertops LLC we understand that not everyone has money to throw at a renovation, and in some cases it’s absolutely necessary to follow through with one.

If you have plumbing and insulation issues that need rectifying or you want to update your space to look more appealing and save on energy bills, we’ll work in the budget and timeframe you provide.

For the most competitive scheduling and pricing in Tacoma, choose Cascade Countertops LLC.

Free Quotes

When establishing our contractor-client relationship, we put ourselves in your shoes, to imagine—what services would we prefer were available from a potential build team?

One that immediately came to mind, was free, no-risk quotes. When you hire Cascade Countertops LLC, the first step is to meet at your home or business, evaluate the situation and determine the cost of your renovation.

Let us know your budget, and we’ll do our best to work within it. Acting with transparency, we also inform all clients of possible additional expenses that could arise throughout the build.

The Cascade Countertops LLC Advantage

Having been recognized over the years for our skillful ability to craft a custom bathroom on time and on budget, we consider ourselves a Tacoma authority.

Contact us at any time should you have questions, or want to book your no-risk estimate for your bathroom remodel.